Media Watch Organisation



Mauritius Media Watch strives to be a visible and inclusive human rights organisation interacting with the media towards the achievement of a non-sexist, non-racist, non-classist and non-homophobic society.


Mauritius Media Watch is an independent membership-based organisation that challenges sexism, racism, classism and homophobia in the Mauritian media and creates access to the channels of communication through training, research, advocacy and awareness-raising.

Act as a bridge between journalists and editors.


  1. Train members and non-members with the skills to influence and use the media to change the frequency and style of gender reporting;
  2. Create forums and opportunities for interaction with media practitioners and to provide training in basic media skills;
  3. To monitor media from a gender perspective; and
  4. To create forums to understand and challenge sexism in the media and advertisement.


The following books produced by MWO are being used widely for vulnerable women, men and children as well as training materials:

  • Les Leker Koze/Speak Out/La Parole Liberatrice – a series of personal testimonies of survivors of gender violence and abused children;
  • Zanfan Lalimier/Children of Light- a book with DVD on an empowerment programme through art therapy for needy and vulnerable children;
  • Mirror on the Media- Monitoring the media from a gender perspective during the 16 days campaign against gender violence;
  • Know your Rights – a compilation of laws relating to women
  • Kontabilite en Kreole – a training manual to build the capacity of men and women who are in small businesses to do their basic accounting. MWO trained women in three regions of Mauritius. In February 2012 the course was done in the Mauritian Prison for prison officers and prisoners (both male and female). Some of them said “had we received this course we would never have found ourselves in prison.”

Collaboration with regional organisation

  • MWO is the local network for the SADC Protocol Alliance and organises Reference Group Meeting yearly to upgrade the SADC Barometer.
  • MWO works in close collaboration with Gender Links and has participated in the following research:

At the Coalface, Gender and Local Government

  • Gender Audience Research Survey
  • Gender and Advertising
  • Medial Literacy courses

Alerts and Complaints

  • MWO has been successful in having at least 12 advertisements removed.