Association des Femmes Mauriciennes Chefs d’Entreprises

AMFCE-logoAMFCE is a non-profit, non-sectarian and non-political association.

The 36 members are women who work in different sectors of the Mauritian economy as women business entrepreneurs and managing directors of small, medium and large firms.
A MFCE is the Mauritian subsidiary of the international association

Date de création / founded

  • Mai/May 1986

Affiliation :

  • Femmes Chefs d’Entreprise Mondiales (FCEM)
  • Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI)
  • Mauritius Employers Federation (MEF)
  • Women in Networking (WIN) (Founder member)

Objectifs /Objectives

  • Réunir toutes les femmes qui ont investi ou qui dirigent seule ou en directoire, une entreprise de production, de service ou de détailBring together women who have invested in or manage single-handedly or jointly businesses in the manufacturing, service or retail sectors
  • Promouvoir et encourager la maturation professionnelle et la formation continue parmi ses membresPromote and encourage professional growth and life-long learning among its members
  • Encadrer les jeunes entrepreneurs féminins et accompagner leur développementSupport young women entrepreneurs in their professional development

Comité executif / Executive Committee 2013

 AMFCE  Post Name
President Margaret Pan Sin
Vice President Marie France Chamary-Samy
Treasurer Shabnam Haji Esmael
Assistant Treasurer Leckrani Soobagrah
Secretary Sylvette Kruck
Assistant Secretary Ginette Villeneuve-Anaudin
Committee Member Elliette Peres
Committee Member Rosy Marie Lourde Felix
Committee Member Zulaika Sunthbocus
2012 Vimi Appadoo
2011 Patricia Hookoomsing
(FCEM Commissionner to date)
2010 Patricia Hookoomsing
2009 Mala Chetty
2008 Mala Chetty
2007 Leckrani Soobagrah
2006 Leckrani Soobagrah
2005 Ginette Villeneuve Anaudin
2004 Ginette Villeneuve Anaudin
2003 Mooneera Joonas Malleck
2002 Mooneera Joonas Malleck
2001 – 1998 Aline Wong
(FCEM Commissionner to date)

Contact Details

AMFCE c/o CLC, Chee Li Chop Co Ltd, Trianon Shopping Park, Quatre Bornes, Mauritius
Tel: +230 4544062 Fax: +230 454 4135 e-mail: [email protected]