Women in Politics (WIP)

WIP Champion: Nushrat Gunnoo

WIP Core Team: Megha Venketasamy (Deputy Champion, Head Trainer & Project Manager) , Sharon Pudman (Public Relations and Media Executive), Bruneau Woomed, Rima Ramsaran (Newsletter Editor), Anuradha Nunkoo (Event Coordinator) , Kavita Jeetun (Treasurer ), Mary Coopan (Regional Coordinator), Reena Kissoon Leste, Pratibha Kujur

One of the key objectives of WIN (Women in Networking) is to spearhead the transformation of politics in Mauritius to lead to doubling the number of women in Parliament by 2015.

Despite the huge economic progress that has been made in Mauritius since Independence in 1968, Mauritius still lags behind many African countries in terms of gender equality and female representation in decision making. While Mauritius is held up as an example of democracy in Africa, with one of the oldest democracies in the region, the female population of Mauritius, approximately 52% of the total population, is largely disenfranchised when it comes to participating in the decision making process at all levels in our society

WIN has therefore set up WOMEN IN POLITICS (WIP).

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1. WIP: Vision,Mission,Objectives,Strategy and Value

2. WIP: Key Messages for Women and Men

3. WIP Actions since its creation

4. WIP Resource Center

5. WOMEN IN POLITICS and Electoral Reform- Open Letter

7. WE CAMPAIGN(for 2014-2015 General Elections)

6. Code of Conduct of Transparency Mauritius

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Latest News from WIP Team

  • WIP Team, proud winner of THE SADC GENDER PROTOCOL SUMMIT AND AWARDS 2015 by Gender Links, in the 50/50 governance category.


The award ceremony took place at Gold Crest on 23rd June 2015.

  • WIP Campaign for 2015 Municipal elections

For the 2015 Municipal elections, our WIP team decided to focus all its efforts on voter’s education and sensitisation. Pls view the campaign here

  • Communiqué de Presse

Women In Politics (WIP) attaque la dernière ligne droite de sa “WE CAMPAIGN”. Elle lance les derniers axes “WE EDUCATE” & “WE SENSITIZE”.
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  • Women In Politics progresses further aggressively in its WE Campaign!

The WIP Team goes another step further, this time through Bus campaign!
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  • WIP Team meeting the public for their WE Campaign

For our “WE CAMPAIGN” we were present at different commercial centres to meet people, encouraging them to vote for women candidates in the forthcoming General Election 2014
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