Men Against Violence (MAV)

MAV-LogoHow it all started?

Women in Networking (WIN) has emerged on the Mauritian scene since June 2006 with the objective of empowering women in Mauritius, inspired by article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”.

WIN has committed itself to achieving four key objectives:

  1. To develop women leaders who can influence decision making in all spheres of Mauritian life.
  2. To strengthen and expand the network in quantity and quality
  3. To spearhead the transformation of politics in Mauritius by doubling the number of women in Parliament
  4. To promote equality for men and women in all spheres of life in Mauritius.

In an urge to achieve its forth objective, and with the realisation that one of the major gender issues is Gender-Based Violence (“GBV”), the platform “Men Against Violence (MAV)” was initiated by WIN in 2010 and has succesfully launched its campaign on prevention of GBV in October 2011, in collaboration with JCI Curepipe and following receipt of funding under the Special Collaborative Programme for Support to Women and Children in Distress from the Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare.

Why the need for MAV?

The figures are alarming and there is an urgent need for action. Facts and figures from study by Gender Links in 2012 in Mauritius:

  • 24% of women in Mauritius have experienced some form of GBV in their lifetime including partner and non-partner violence
  • 23% of men admit to perpetrating violence against women in their lifetime
  • 23 % of ever-partnered women have experienced while 22% of men perpetrated Intimate Partner Violence in their lifetime.

Vision & Mission

The vision of MAV is to positively influence the attitude and behaviour of men towards women in order to reduce GBV in our society.

The mission of MAV is to create awareness that GBV is unacceptable, and to develop and implement activities to reduce GBV in Mauritius.

What is MAV doing?

MAV is a movement of men and women who think it is high time to break the silence on violence in our society and particularly GBV. MAV encourages men to come out in the open and say “NO” to this scourge. MAV works on an awareness programme about GBV, its causes and consequences, as well as organising activities to reduce GBV in Mauritius.

In 2010 MAV started a training programme aimed at boys and young men aged 12-22 years, in collaboration with Junior Chamber International Curepipe (JCI). This project has now sensitised over 1,300 boys and young men with the hope that the project can help the society to break the vicious circle of violence. MAV is training youngsters (boys and girls) to have a changed mind-set and young women to adopt defensive and dissuasive strategies to discourage GBV.

Why support MAV?

MAV won the Gender Links Summit Awards in Mauritius in March 2012, a special jury award in the Gender Links Regional Summit Awards in Johannesburg, South Africa in May 2012 and the Gender Links Summit Awards in Mauritius in March 2013 for the category “Prevention”. The awards constitute in themselves recognition for the work done by the MAV team and a strong signal to the community in terms of our presence.

MAV’s strategy and plan of action has been applauded by several actors working towards gender equality both nationally and internationally. International bodies are intending to replicate MAV project in other countries and the MAV project is becoming a reference for many.

MAV has got a dedicated and committed team. The team has received high quality training by Suzanne Williams and several refresher courses were organised by Mauritian trainers. Most importantly, the MAV facilitators have also gained a lot of experience by working with the youngsters.

The MAV team has developed good logistics, planning and a huge network.

MAV training kits have been developed, adapted and is continuously being improved by the MAV team to meet the requirements of the Mauritian realities.

The prevention programme is the uniqueness of MAV and it is strongly believed that the age group targeted by MAV is the right one.

The MAV team

This project and MAV team had been championed by Eddy Jolicoeur in 2011, who succeeded Ibrahim Sheik-Yousouf, the first MAV Champion. The current Champion is Adarsh Goburdhan.

For the year 2015, the MAV Core Team is as follows:

  • Adarsh Goburdhan – MAV Champion
  • Bruneau Woomed – Head Trainer
  • Jean Yves Valls – National Training Coordinator
  • Jane Valls – Strategic Advisor
  • Georgina Ragaven – PR & Communications Coordinator
  • Ameenah Sorefan – Strategic Advisor
  • Manish Bundhun – Strategic Advisor
  • Rani Latchimeeniah – Senior facilitator & Core Team Member
  • Heera Devi Boodhun – Facilitator & Core Team Member
  • Soodasan Chundhoo – Facilitator & Core Team Member
  • Bernard LI Shin Cheong – Website & FB Administrator


The MAV Terms of Reference


Need Legal Advice?

Legal Advice for Women (LAW)

LAW provides free legal advice for women in need.


Beena Venkatasamy-Ramloll or Smita Lallah

Tel 2133458

Email: [email protected]


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