1. How to become a member of WIN ?

Just fill in the membership form in the Join us section. An email address is mandatory as all communication will be done by emails. It is recommended that you give your personal email rather than a company one as many companies put in place filters which mean that you may not receive our mails.

2. How much is the membership fee?

For the time being, there are no membership fees payable by a WIN member.

3. Is WIN Ltd registered for CSR ?

WIN Ltd is registered as a company limited by guarantee since September 2012 although WIN has been active June 2006. For the time being, WIN is not yet eligible for CSR registration and hence funding. However, our founder members such as Soroptimist Ipsae, JCI Curepipe or AMFCE are CSR registered and they can be the lead agency for a project in which WIN is involved.

4. When will the next WLP be launched ?

WIN is currently running WLP 11 which was open for women entrepreneurs. A public course will be launched by mid August 2013 and the launch will be advertised in newspapers, on our website and we shall also email all our members and past WLP graduates.

5. How to join any one of the project teams?

You may send a mail to the WIN Administrative Secretary specifying which of the project teams you would like to join (WLP, WIP, MAV, Networking) and the added value which you would bring to the team.

6. How to proceed if my Company wants to host an Event for WIN?

Do contact the WIN Administrative Secretary and we will revert back to you.

7. Will WIP give any financial assistance to any candidate to local or general elections?

WIP works on grass roots levels with women training potential women candidates. WIP also looks after voters’ education and lobbies strongly for having more women in politics. However, it is not the objective of WIP to offer financial assistance to any candidate.

8. How can you reconcile the fact that WIN is supposedly apolitical while you have members of political parties in your midst?

WIN is apolitical and that means that WIN will never back any political party or ask its members to vote for a particular party. WIN welcomes any woman or man who share its values of empowering women and it is indeed an honour to have women and men from different political backgrounds who are actively involved in our organisation. They all need to abide by our Code of Conduct and that means that they cannot use WIN to promote actively their party. We will also avoid having any active party member as one of our Champions.

9. WIN is often labeled to be composed of “bourgeois women” who meet for tea and cocktails and do not know the realities on the field. Is that not very much the case ?

We believe it is unfair to label WIN as such because our achievements speak for themselves, whether be it the success of the WIN Leadership Programme, the role of WIP in moving towards a greater representation of women in politics or the impact made by MAV in sensitizing young people about gender based violence. WIP has conducted training at grassroots levels in places such as Lallmatie, Quatre Cocos, Goodlands, Tamarin, Rose Belle, Mahebourg, Pamplemousses to mention a few. A new version of the WLP will be for grassroots level. And members of our project teams have diverse social backgrounds and are from both genders.

10. Why have you refrained in the past to publicly back women who have been unfairly dismissed from their work ?

WIN is actively engaged in training and empowering women and we combat Gender Based Violence through the MAV initiative. Being dismissed for any employee, whether woman or man, is indeed a very tough and challenging situation, the more so when it is perceived to be unfair. However, the basic question is whether this dismissal can be linked to any discrimination based on gender ? If yes, WIN will surely take a stand. If not, then it is a labour issue and other organisations such as Trade Unions or the Equal Opportunity Commission are better placed than us to intervene.

This does not prevent WIN from offering support and advice to those women if they do contact us.

 11. What is WIN and WIP’s stand with respect to Electoral Reform and in particular with respect to the Best Loser System ?

WIN & WIP are in favour of a complete electoral reform which will address issues such as the introduction of a gender neutral quota for general elections so as to increase the proportion of women in Parliament, the elimination of the Best Loser System, the introduction of a dose of Proportional Representation, a legal and transparent framework for the financing of political parties. We are aware that minorities may feel they need some sort of Constitutional protection so as to have a fair representation but we are in favour of doing away with the BLS.

12. How to become a Board Member of WIN ?

An Annual General Meeting is due annually and Board Directors are elected at such AGMs. Any Director cannot hold office for more than 5 consecutive terms. The first AGM is due to be held by March 2014.